Italian restaurants: heavenly mamma’s canteen and table village

Canteen Mamma Celeste
The Cantina Mamma Celeste, which started in the early 90s as a rotisserie, does not overdo
the decor and serves hearty portions of the masses of its own manufacture. The history of the
house started with a small rotisserie in the heart of Bixiga, which became a canteen celebrated
for its delicious homemade pasta. Commanded by Mamma Celeste and her children, it offers
suggestions such as rondelli with a sauce of four cheeses, and recipes with meat and fish.
Among them, the lamb with cacciatore is successful, served with green fettuccine, vegetables
and broccoli with garlic and oil.
Canteen Mamma Celeste
Address: R. Conselheiro Carrão, 460 – Bela Vista
Phone: (11) 3284-4854
Villa Tavola
For those who never rest, the Villa Tavola restaurant is a great choice. Open 24 hours a day,
the canteen at Treze de Maio combines a pleasant atmosphere with an extremely tasty menu.
In addition to the pasta with the tradition of legitimate Italian cuisine and tasty sauces, the
customer finds on the menu gratin pasta, pasta in the réchaud, risotto, meat and desserts. Italian restaurants in sandy springs ga