Main difference between acrylic and latex paint

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The main difference between acrylic paint and latex is the composition, the former has acrylic
resin in its base, which makes it more resistant and waterproof, and can be applied inside or
outside the house and also in wet areas.
In fact, it is because of this resin that acrylic paint is a washable option, while latex paint can
only be cleaned with a damp cloth. Another difference is in relation to the finish, since latex
only has the matte version and the acrylic has options with or without gloss.
In addition to these paints, there are other options on the market and it is always important to
understand the characteristics of the surfaces that will be painted and the uses of the
environments before choosing the right paint.
Synthetic enamel and water based enamel: understand the differences5 min read
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Are you planning to paint something or a place? Well know that a new coat of paint can
completely transform anything! However, there are many types of paint available on the
market. Water-based enamel and synthetic enamel (solvent-based) can be used for indoor and
outdoor areas, furniture, wood and metals in general on various types of surfaces.