These are paints that allow painting on the tile, without the risk of peeling, for example.

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Also, it is important to keep in mind that there are paints produced specifically for
bathrooms and kitchens.
Some common ink types are:
• Acrylics: for painting in general, in internal and external areas. It has 3 types
of finish: matte, semi-gloss and satin. Allows painting on porous ceramic,
cement, brick, masonry, plaster, lime plaster, concrete.
• Latex or PVA: with matte finish, suitable for indoor use. Allows application
on masonry, plaster and wood.
• Oil: matte or glossy finish, waterproof paint most commonly used on
furniture, doors and windows, on wood, iron or steel materials.
• Enamel: Rain resistant, has matte, high gloss or satin finishes. Ideal for
wooden or metal surfaces in outdoor areas.
• Varnish: for wood, creates a protective layer.
• Epoxy: to resist the action of time, it needs a good application technique,
being indicated for floors, tiles and fiberglass.
There was a time when the most common was to consult printed magazines and
catalogs, usually supplied in paint stores , to decide which type of ink and color to